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    OCR relevancy in business​

    Optical character recognition (OCR) is widely used as a form of data entry from some sort of original paper data source, whether passport documents, invoices, bank statement, receipts, business card, mail, or any number of printed records.

    Several benefits of optical character recognition technology have helped companies to save time spent on entering data manually in computer, enhancing work management, reducing the cost of converting documents into digital form, and reducing manual errors, among others.

    Why TCM Vision Matters!

    Benefits of TCM Vision

    • Reduce a lot of manual effort to write text from visual content
    • Eradicate human error
    • Saving time, eventually saving money
    • Convert scanned book in pdf to doc with just one click
    • Upload folder with sub folders and contents and get back with same hierarchy
    • Detect and write text from any language content
    • AI can detect single page with multiple languages 
    • Bulk conversion and email notification

    Features of TCM Vision

    • Generate page wise doc file with no pre formatting
    • Generate txt file with raw text
    • Get history of previous conversions
    • Download converted content any time, it is saved in cloud
    • Handwriting detection enabled
    • Accuracy is more than 98%
    • Billing is as per usage only
    • Dedicated secure portal

    Case Studies of OCR

    #Artificial Intelligence #All Language #Text Detection #Bulk Process

    • Storing previously scanned pdf documents into doc file. 
    • Get text extract from existing PDF and reformat and upgrade for next release. 
    • Deeds, MOUs and other law documents can be scanned and put into doc to rectify quickly. 
    • Any physical receipt can be captured as image and extract data and store into database. 
    • In health care printed prescriptions and reports can be extracted and store.
    • Scan government ID proofs and save extracted information without storing copies or manual entry. 
    How We Work Image

    Preserve Document Digitally

    Reformat Books For Next Release

    Law Documents Rectification

    Receipt Data Extraction

    Easily Read Prescription

    Government Document Scan