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    Why certain Industries should use TCM Connect

    TCM Connect is an all-in-one employee app that helps organizations track and communicate their desk or non-desk employees and field workers. TCM Connect is a quick and easy way to collaborate asynchronously with your team on your own time. Their message is instantly played on the relevant team member’s device in real time. It allow teams working in different physical spaces to communicate quickly and effectively without phone calls or text messaging. Replace whole meetings and share information faster with a single voice note or a screen-share rich in context and reclaim your day. Real time audio broadcast messaging can also be effectively use in crisis communication. It has a various uses domain including Intra-Team Communication, Healthcare, Constructions, Event Management, Thermal & Gas Industry etc.

    Why TCM Connect Matters!

    Best Ways to Use TCM Connect

    • Industrial Employees use TCM Connect to communicate quickly as they protect the physical security of a worksite. Organisation can have all the records of communication and track productivity of the workers.
    • Event Management Team smoothly co-ordinates among teams with the help of TCM Connect.
    • Hospitality Team keep hotels and resorts running smoothly, using TCM Connect to coordinate all their teams and delight their guests with great service.
    • Retail Workers use TCM Connect to help customers find the perfect product by querying inventory with voice commands instead of disappearing to search for what’s in stock.

    What are the Key Benefits of TCM Connect?

    • Instant Communications – It enables teams to communicate instantly, across devices, no matter their location. Say goodbye to dropped calls, and dead zones with the power of instant Real time communications.
    • Ease of Use – TCM Connect is easy to use, no matter the device of choice. A simple switch or button is used to switch users from voice mode to transmit mode. Just like the name, users simply need to push the button, and start talking, it’s that easy.
    • Manage Employees Across Geographies – Mapping and real-time location to help users see where other users are broadcasting message among a group of users at a time.
    • Access From Any Device – Multi device app that work on any device, including Android or iOS smartphones, mobile devices with integrated accessories like speaker mics and headsets.

    Game Changer for Business

    If you are in the market for game changing business communications, consider the options at TCM Connect.

    We offer comprehensive, customised and ad-hoc communication across geographies.
    TCM Connect’s intuitive dashboard acts as your command and control center that gives you the birds-eye view across your employees, location of your field force and enables admins and managers to access Real time communication functionality directly from their dashboard.

    Instant Communications

    Ease of Use

    Multi device app